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An expert mini series of podcasts, focused on explaining brand strategy for ambitious business owners growing their brand.

Five individual podcast episodes which combine to deliver over 5 hours of valuable brand strategy content from two industry leading UK brand experts. This five part podcast mini series explains brand strategy, brand identity and more. We'll help you uncover the value of brand strategy done right. If you're the CEO, Founder or Director of a growing business you're probably asking yourself;


How can brand unite my business and make us more profit?
What are the benefits of investing in my brand?
What returns could I get from developing our brand identity?


Get started with episode one below. Listen to Daniel Ocock (Brand Identity Specialist) and Alistair Gladstone (Brand Strategy Expert) talking about multiple brand strategy topics just like these for ambitious businesses like your own.

Expert hosts for this series


Dan Ocock

Founder - Vie Design Co. Ltd.
A brand identity specialist with over 20 years experience. I help entrepreneurs transform products and services into brands that people can't ignore.

Alistair Gladstone

Founder - Fettle
Fettle exists to help your business grow. Your brand is your biggest asset, optimise it across your marketing communications and your business will thrive.


Don’t dream your brand up in the pub

May 10, 2022

Things we spoke about in this episode: • What do we see when it comes to the typical growth cycle of a company• What is brand optimisation• Why brand is your…

Kill your darlings

May 10, 2022

Things we spoke about in this episode: Do you view your brand objectively? The magic of branding Coming out of your comfort zone Brand equity Get Your Brand Score Report…

Ugly babies

May 10, 2022

Things we spoke about in this episode: Whats going in in your clients brain when they engage with your brand? Brand feedback that you NEED to hear not WANT to…

Blast Off

May 10, 2022

Things we spoke about in this episode: Importance of managing your brand launch Marketing opportunities generated Telling brand story How important is brand sign off? How to launch your re-brand?…

The impact of a well thought out brand

May 10, 2022

Things we spoke about in this episode: Brand optimisation Uniting a board Brand culture Communication to clients Get Your Brand Score Report Follow this link to find out if your…


Don't let your brand let you down.
Take it off your to-do list. Align it with your business vision, create the success that you want and feel proud to shout about it.