Finding that one thing to drive me forward...

Expert Branding and Graphic design Daniel Ocock from Vie Design Co.

For me success is about taking my business seriously.

Having spent over two decades working in and around design agencies alongside some of the worlds top brands. I realised that to achieve true satisfaction through my design work it isn't about the size of the brand I work with or how many awards I win for a project. For me it's become the impact I can have on a business and everyone who's part of it.

Behind every business is an individual or team that drives the vision. It's not until you've been in that situation yourself and worked directly with those people that you start to appreciate the job at hand and the scale at which things start to matter.

Two years ago I made the decision to stop trying to find my ideal full time role and accept the fact that I'm an entrepreneur at heart. Something that when I set out on my journey I didn't realise I was so passionate about.

I've spent way too many hours looking at specific solutions for businesses without really getting to the bottom of why? You see, there's always a why.

For me covering the hallowed ground of 'Why' will help me and your business unlock true design secrets. Secrets that deliver the wow factor and have real last-ability. If we're not able to achieve great things together then you're not the client for me.

"We needed our brand to be exciting, innovative and above all else something that customers would respond to."

Jake Charlton - Marketing Manager, Loadhog

"This is my first product launch and now I can't wait to release it. You just made my day!"

Cynthia Godslaw - Founder, CynbyCyn

"You make my life so much easier!! I'm really happy, never worked with a designer who nails it first time as much as you do."

Louise Rengozzi - Business Development, Crunch Simply Digital

"There's not a lot of people with your work ethic..."

George Reid - Head of Marketing, Right Hand Theatre