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Are you ready tosomething together?

I create branding and graphic design that brings entrepreneurs visions to life...


Imagine one person with the expertise of an entire design agency.

My name's Dan the founder of Vie Design Co. Ltd. I'm a branding and graphic design expert based in the UK with over 20 years experience. I work exclusively alongside established entrepreneurs helping to get their ideas out into the world.

Hearing creative business concepts excites me. Being able to bring them to life using design is my passion.

My mission is to create and launch powerful and exciting brands for new businesses to ensure the greatest chance of success.

I also re-position existing brands with added value to prepare them for the next stage of their journey.

A dependable, single point of contact in a tustworthy design and branding partnership.

That's how I consider myself with all my clients. If you're an established entrepreneur getting ready to launch your next business idea. If you're looking for an expert creative partner to help get a product ready for investment or if you need to re-position your brand to increase sales then let's chat.


"Can you to take this idea and bring it to life?"

Most entrepreneurs - Once they realise they're ready to meet their new brand.

Are you an established entrepreneur?

You're not 9-5 with a side hustle, or about to embark on your first business venture. You've already ticked those boxes.
You'll have clear business visions and objectives with a view to success alongside a brand to be proud of.


" We needed our brand to be exciting, innovative and something that people would respond to. "

Jake Charlton - Marketing Manager, Loadhog


When you have a tough deadline and need a brand with impact.

I don't cut corners and project workflow is carefully managed and monitored by myself to ensure I personally deliver projects at a level that far exceeds other freelance services that place quantity over quality.


" People now understand my brand. I'm able to reach out to the type of partnership deals I want. "

Cynthia Godslaw - Founder Cyn by Cyn