Should you design your startup brand now?

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I chat with Adib Bamieh who has 15+ years working as COO and CEO of various startups including Base PT, Henchman, TravelNest, Chip Financial and extensive experience in hospitality and finance. Adib works to a pragmatic approach of understanding what businesses need at the right time.

Adib has led a number of companies through strategy changes and business transformation projects. He specialises in workflow management and high growth businesses and is in his element when supporting businesses to get more from their teams.

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Key moments:

13 min – Why a fascination with startups.

25 min – When can you define your brand?

27 min – Funded startups and brand credibility.

31 min – Can brand polish a turd? The quality of your product.

35 min -The most common brand mistakes from founders.

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